Marion Aufseesser

Marion Aufseesser

For over 20 years, Marion Aufseesser has specialised in the domain of career transition.

Based on her training in cognitive and behavioural psychology and thanks to her extensive practical experience, Marion shares her knowledge and expertise with her clients in order to enable them to regain their independence and resourcefulness.

Marion's aim is to instil a positive and dynamic attitude within her clients. She advises clients and presents the steps to take in order to regain confidence and self-esteem: essential ingredients in the search for a new job.

Marion offers a different perspective on this difficult time and knows how to ask the right questions. What if losing your job presented a new opportunity?

Rooted in the present but looking towards the future, her book will walk you through your journey.
It is not always easy to let go, to turn the page, but Marion's positive and realistic approach based on the positive psychology and mindfulness techniques practised by experts such as Christophe André, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Lucio Bizzini and Zindel Segal, you will see life's challenges from a different angle and bounce back with your best foot forward.