Transition Kit

Who is this book for?

This book is intended for you, if:

What is the book's objective?

This book acts as a measuring rod to assess the ways in which you are progressing, as well as the ways in which you are moving backwards. It helps you to move forward, to take control and manage your career independently.

How is this book innovative in terms of looking for a job?

In this publication, the emphasis is on understanding the "internal forces" that greatly influence the process of searching for a job. The aim is to make you stronger and more confident. For this, it seemed appropriate to share with you the psychological dimensions of job searching and not just the technical side.

What does this book offer?

A method of "psychological coaching" based on over twenty years of results- and happiness-oriented experience. Exercises, examples, theory and practice.
A bibliography of works listed by theme, in French.
Listings of useful address: major cognitive behavioural approach and mindfulness organisations and associations.

How should the book be used?

It is neither a medical prescription nor a collection of "recipes"!
Nor is it a book of magic spells!
It is instead a tool to be used in line with your needs and interests. Your professional journey is not the same as that of the people around you. Nor is your research.

This book will help you to bounce back, like a spring. You are here because you lack satisfaction in your professional life: you have searched for other solutions, but without success.
Your position no longer suits you, you see no possible career progression.
Standing still, losing ground, and denying the discomfort you feel are not constructive responses. Taking action, moving forward, opening doors, exploring new horizons, and changing the record: these are the types of behaviour to take on!