How does KIT work?

KIT involves individual and/or group session in accordance with the client's requirements.

Why does KIT achieve long-lasting results?

KIT's success is based on two key factors:

What are the "tools" that KIT uses?

KIT uses valid tools from cognitive behavioural studies or tools recognised in the world of work. They are chosen in accordance with the client's needs and situation.

The KIT method is both creative and flexible; this is why the tools are modifiable and are developed in line with the client, in accordance with the cognitive behavioural method.

What happens in the initial session?

The purpose of this session is to define the terms of the programme and to ascertain a "work contract".

How long does the KIT programme take?

Individual programme:

Individual sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes; Their frequency and duration are defined in accordance with the client.

Group programme: