A mind is like an umbrella. It works best when open! Full awareness New book

A mind is like an umbrella.
It works best when open!

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Bouncing back:
Making a successful career transition

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2nd TCC practices french-speaking seminar

Marion presented her book “Rebondir” at the 2nd french-speaking seminar that was held in Geneva from June 14 through June 16.

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Bouncing back
Making a successful career transition

Are you questioning your future career?
Are you currently in a period of transition or unemployment?
This book invites you to take charge of your career and turn this moment of your life into an opportunity.
To set one's sights on this objective, it is more important than ever to cultivate self-confidence. This genuine coaching method will help you to achieve this goal.
In this book, you will discover how to apply your skills and realise your potential, as well as how to evaluate your true motivations. More importantly, you will be able to transform your weaknesses into strengths. A valuable resource for bouncing back and making your plans a reality!



"Des métiers pour aider"

Foreword by Dr. Philippe Cappeliez
In"Des métiers pour aider, Apport de l'approche cognitivo-comportementale et de ses outils" ("Careers in helping others: The contribution of the cognitive behavioural approach and its tools") »
Marion Aufseesser and Palmyre Saintive. Unemployment and career transition: Bouncing back using the cognitive behavioural approach, Éditions Médecine et Hygiène, Geneva, 2010.

"The stress associated with career transitions is a key issue in today's world. Precarious employment, fixed-term contracts, long-term unemployment and the extension of our working lives means that a growing number of individuals are having to redirect their careers several times. Packed with clinical input, Marion and Palmyre's chapter tackles the issue head on by showing how the cognitive behavioural approach can aid thinking processes and support adaptation of this kind at every stage of change. The third part of this chapter serves, in particular, as a demonstration of the practical effectiveness of cognitive behavioural strategies and techniques in facilitating career transitions and reducing stress. After having elaborated on the applications of functional analysis, which remains the backbone of the scheme, it successively addresses emotional management, cognitive restructuring, problem solving, relaxation and mindfulness".

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