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About the book

« Hallo Marion,
I have read your book. I enjoyed reading it. Your book is rich, with many ideas, pleasant and dynamic. Your book is easy to read from beginning to end, but also if you just pick out some topics. I believe your book will become the companion of many people seeking a new job.
Congratulations. »

Deborah Didisheim, psychotherapist, Lausanne

« The concept of « ANTS » and « PETS » is extremely meaningful to me. I immediately could relate to a pattern of mine, I had not been able to analyse in the past. Surely most of us have had « ANTS » in our professional lives. The book helps to find new energy and « PETS ». Nobody has a magic wond but the exercises described in the book are very helpful as well as the exercises on the website. www.transitionkit.com. They have helped me find new vitality and energy. »

L. V.

« In her book Marion Aufseesser opens our eyes to the reality of the jobsearch process without hiding the tough realities we might encounter. She doesn't leave us only with theory : she very generously shares with us keys and practical tools. ; she accompanies us progressively with exercises allowing us to regain confidence and self esteem in order to be able to find new work. However there is one condition : The suggested exercises need to be taken seriously and done in writing. It is not sufficient to just read them. A book to be read and used immediately ! »

M. G., Psychologist- Psychotherapist

"I read Marion's book. As an expatriate in a pretty isolated country where it's not easy to find work if you come here with your partner, I set up a career transition workshop based on Marion's book. The approach she offers helped me to lead this group. The results speak for themselves: the biggest effect our conversations had was to boost our morale, and we developed several ideas on how to get involved in our new locality."

B. C., Sociologist – partner of an expatriate

About Marion's work

"I went to Marion's workshop without knowing much about it. My employer financed the programme, following my redundancy. Marion's workshop proved to be a great springboard. With humour and great sensitivity, she helped us identify the shortcomings in our CVs, our covering letters and our presentations.

Once I got home, I made the changes to my CV that Marion had suggested. I sent my CV to companies that had not accepted it in the past few months. With my new CV, I received several invitations to interviews. In the end, I had a new job within 10 days. I was able to move into the private sector after several years in the public sector. I've even seen an increase in my salary.

N. C., IT specialist

"I financed my own career transition programme with Marion. I was happy in my job. But following a pregnancy and with the arrival of a new manager, the situation changed. I had to leave the company. I lost confidence in myself. Thanks to the work I did with Marion, I have been able to feel self-confident again. In a very short time, I found a job that was a perfect match for what I was looking for".

D. P., IT specialist

While I was a journalist at a struggling daily newspaper, Marion coached me and thanks to her guidance, I not only improved my management skills, but I also made my dream a reality: I applied for and landed a job in radio! Marion combines theory with common sense perfectly".

C. E., Journalist

The beginning of my career had not been as successful as I'd hoped. When I met Marion my self-confidence was at an all time low. Through my work with her, I regained confidence and I was able to successfully look for and gain employment".

J. B., Lawyer

I did not receive a very good education. I did not have an easy childhood, with an alcoholic father and a depressed mother. I had to bring myself up, as best as I could. I've had to fight. I have had technical training. Unfortunately, my writing skills leave a lot to be desired. This wears me down and has made me lose confidence in myself. I didn't entertain any hope of ever getting promoted.
When I lost my job, I was incapable of writing a CV or a covering letter. I didn't think I'd ever be able to do it.
Marion's positive approach has helped me a lot. She encouraged me to work with a colleague who was going into retirement. Together they made me realise that at 31 years old, anything was possible. I signed up for French lessons and an IT course. Now I have new skills. I no longer feel helpless or dependent".

A. R., Technician

"A place where I can express myself
Overcome the hurt by being listened to
Look to the future with a sense of optimism and of having options
Gather my thoughts, identify my assets
Organise them
Be proud of who I am, what I have done and what I can do
Be ready to share all this with future employees".

C. C., Sales assistant

"I learned to be more structured and concise, to use 'power words'. To have more confidence in myself. See my way out of the forest".

M. H., Sales assistant

"The workshops have helped me to sell myself better.
Talking has helped me to turn the page.
We have analysed situations in order to find new solutions".

G. P., Sales assistant

"The two days of sessions with Marion have 'turned on a light at the end of the tunnel'. A lighthouse for sailors lost in a stormy sea".

S. T., Sales assistant