Transition Kit
Bouncing back: Making a successful career transition Rebondir - version imprimée Rebondir - eBook

Bouncing back: Making a successful career transition

This new self-help guide is anchored in positive psychology, the cognitive and behavioural approach, and mindfulness. It derives its legitimacy from the work of recognised experts such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Zindel Segal, Mélanie Fennel, Christine Padesky, Paul Gilbert, Christophe André and Matthieu Ricard.

This interactive guide clearly presents the featured theories, alongside downloadable exercises and supporting documents available on the book's website and accompanies you through the various stages of looking for a job.

Resolutely optimistic and realistic, it encourages you to manage your professional life autonomously. The 21st century and today's economy require each employee to manage his/her professional life, if they are to cope with the hazards that can affect any one of us.

This book is part of the "self-help guide" collection under the direction of Christophe André and enables readers to: